View Points

View Points

An architect would have to often communicate to people with different backgrounds, effectively. Presenting architecture to stakeholders with different backgrounds and getting their by-ins, could be a challenging task.

Diagrams are a very effective tool to express or communicate and it is often said that a picture is worth thousand words.

From an architecture stand point, it is crucial to present the architecture depending on the audience’s perspective. For e.g., a Network administrator would understand or appreciate the architecture, if it is presented in terms of Firewalls, subnetworks, IP range etc. Similarly, a database expert would understand architecture in terms of data security, data flow, data storage options etc. Presenting architecture in different perspectives is referred to as ‘View Points’.

The above diagram shows view points from a developer view (in terms of layers and modules) and network view point in terms of servers.

Some of the common View Points are outlined below:

  1. Physical Architecture
  2. Application Architecture
  3. Deployment Architecture
  4. Data Architecture

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